Carbon Co-op PowerShaper Documentation

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This is technical documentation for the system behind Carbon Co-op’s PowerShaper service. This is an end to end fully integrated system for (i) accessing / analysing smart meter data and (ii) enabling domestic and small commercial demand side response.

We are building upon a range of existing open source technology and are using open standards, like OpenADR, as the basis of the system.

Currently the system can control some electric vehicle (EV) chargers, electric heating, and battery systems in domestic properties.

The PowerShaper service was developed with funding under the OpenDSR (Funder: BEIS), Data Co-op (Funder: FPF), and REScoopVPP (Funder: H2020) projects since 2019.

For general coding style and practice guidelines, as well as information about the shared deployment system, please see the Hub documentation.